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Specific professional information in accordance with § 5 I Nr. 5 TMG 

The competent medical chamber is the Bayerische Landesärztekammer, Mühlbaurstraße 16, 81377 München (http://www.blaek.de/).
The relevant statutory professional titles were awarded in Germany. Where this is not the case, they are marked accordingly. Professional regulations are available in the professional regulations of the Bavarian Medical Chamber, under http://www.blaek.de/pdf_rechtliches/haupt/SD_Berufsordnung.pdf .
The competent supervisory authority within the framework of health insurance activities is the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayern (KVB), Landesgeschäftsstelle Elsenheimer Str. 39, 80687 München.
Responsible in accordance with § 55 para. 2 RStV:
Chairman and Medical Director Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Reiner Gradinger
Representation: The Hospital Board of Directors is the legal representative.
The following are members:
Chairman and Medical Director:  Univ. Prof. Dr. R. Gradinger
Deputy: Univ. Prof. Dr. B. Meyer
Tel. 089 4140 – 7701
Fax 089 4140 – 7709
Commericial  Director: Markus Zendler
Deputy: Sylvia Heigl
Tel. 089 4140 – 2821
Fax 089 4140 – 4860
Director of Nursing: A. Thoke-Colberg
Deputy: Andreas Stübner
Tel. 089 4140 – 2756
Fax 089 4140 – 4852
Representative of the Medical Faculty / Dean: Univ. Prof. Dr. P. Henningsen
Deputy: Univ. Prof. Dr. B. Hemmer
Tel. 089 4140 – 4311
Fax 089 4140 – 4845
The responsible advisory authority is the Supervisory Board.
The following are members:
•    The State Minister of the Ministry of State for Education, Culture, Science and Art or a representative appointed by him; he presides over the committee and the affairs; also the Secretary of State as well as two further representatives of the State Ministry
•     One representative each of the State Ministries of Finances, Regional Development and Health and Care
•    The Chairman of the Board
•    The Speaker of the Medical Department
•    A person experienced in economics as well as a director of a clinical establishment, who is directly involved in health care, as an external representative
•    The President of the Technische Universität München.


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