Oro-maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery


Knowledge creates healing

Understanding surgery

„Understanding Surgery“ is a course consisting of 11 modules, designed for 10 participants. 8 course modules include combined teaching courses (theoretical blocks and hands-on units) with innovative teaching materials on the subject of neck dissection, split skin grafts, micro-vascular radial flaps, local flaps and micro-surgical suturing techniques.

Here the independent and active comprehension of surgical principles and procedures on behalf of the students plays a major role. 3 course models, which are individually agreed to, take place in the MKG OR (split skin grafts, necks dissection and micro-vascular radial flaps), with students assisting during the above mentioned surgical procedures, in order to apply and intensify newly learned skills.

All participants will receive a training documentation book with photos, explaining the individual surgical steps.

PD Dr. Dr. Kesting, Dr. Dr. F. Bauer, Dr. K. Kreutzer, Dr. J. Weitz