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In collaboration with the Institute for Radiological Diagnostics an algorithm for magnetic resonance imaging volume measurement of cranio-facial parts which have healed in a defective position is being developed as an alternative to computer tomography, and established in clinical routine. The data collected serves as a planning basis for functionally and aesthetically necessary corrective surgery. One decisive advantage of MRI diagnosis is the lack of exposure to radiation, as well as providing superior images.MRI diagnosis is also used in the primary diagnosis of orbital fractures in children, as it provides a more exact image of the orbital soft tissue and is not associated with exposure to radiation.

Selected Publications:

Kolk A, Pautke C, Wiener E, Ploder O, Neff A
A novel high resolution MRI microscopy coil as an alternative to the multislice CT in postoperative imaging of orbital fractures and computer based volume measurement
J Oral Max
illofac Surg 2005 Apr;63(4):492-8

Wiener E, Pautke C, Neff A, Link TM, Kolk A
Comparison of 16-slice MSCT and MRI in the assessment of squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity
Eur J Radiol 2006 Apr;58(1):113-8

Kolk A, Pautke C, Schott V, Ventrella E, Wiener E, Ploder O, Horch HH, Neff A
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