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Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial dental roots made of titanium or more rarely of ceramic material. Both types of material have proved to be efficient in medicine, as well as being biologically ideal to integrate. The clinic has over 20 years of extensive experience with various implant systems.  

Implants are of great value in the prosthetic rehabilitation of the chewing apparatus, and are even indispensable in some cases. According to indication, a lasting dental prosthesis can be more securely fixed ( e.g. in the case of total prosthesis) using implants, or a removable partial prosthesis can be avoided (eg. in the case of so-called free end gaps). If the neighbouring teeth are more or less free of caries, the grinding of neighbouring teeth to attach a conventional bridge can be avoided, using individual implants (Pictures 1 and 2).  

The implantation itself is in most cases a small surgical intervention which is carried out under local anaesthetic. However sufficient bone structure must be available in order to anchor the implants functionally and securely in the long run. Accordingly, strengthening of the bone substance (so-called augmentation) can sometimes be necessary. This is carried out in the clinic under local anaesthetic or if required under general anaesthetic, with the body’s own bone, or other suitable material.

As mentioned earlier on, dental implants are used for later prosthetics. Accordingly, exact planning of dental prosthetics is important prior to implantation. As a result the extent of bone augmentation required is clear. Whether you are suited to implants and the measures to be carried out must be determined in individual talks.  

For the field of dental implants a special clinic is available at the policlinic (Langerstraße 3, 81675 München; Wednesday 12.30 – 14.00;  private patients should report to the secretariat of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. K.-D. Wolff). The examiniation and consultation are carried out by doctors with many years of experience in dental implantology.


Picture 1: Single tooth implant


Picture 2: Single tooth implant with crown