Oro-maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery


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Necrosis of the jaw bone can occur (Osteonecrosis) when long term damage to the bone has been caused by previous radiation therapy or particular medication. In these cases, when via the dental system a bacterial invasion of the bone has occured, for example during tooth extraction or in the case of non-vital teeth, these bacteria multiply rapidly in the damaged bone, and can destroy it. In recent years, due to the increasing prescription of medication containing bisphosphonates, cases of jaw necrosis have been detected whose treatment is challenging.

Our clinic provides a special surgery for affected patients, during which a specific therapy is determined. Prophylactic measures in the case of planned dental surgery, however, are of great importance, in high risk situations (radiation treatment, bisphosphonate medication). A corresponding prophylactic plan can be drawn up in our special surgery, with the dentists involved.



Figure: Fluorenscently marked vital bone for targeted decortication (bone removal) in the case of bone necrosis